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In-N-Out Reportedly Threatens to Sue Model Over Suggestive Burger Video

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In which a model drizzles a milkshake over her cleavage

Fast food chain Carl's Jr. is infamous for its suggestive commercials featuring scantily clad women chowing down on giant burgers, but that's not the kind of image In-N-Out wants to be associated with.

According to TMZ, the California-based burger chain has taken issue with a suggestive YouTube video featuring its food: The 14-second clip posted back in February features a model named Abigail Ratchford clad in a bikini and a paper In-N-Out hat like the one employees wear, throwing fries in the camera's direction, and drizzling a milkshake on her cleavage.

Ratchford was clearly just hoping to follow in the footsteps of the many rich and famous women who have starred in Carl's Jr. ads, a roster that includes everyone from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian to Padma Lakshmi. But the overtly sexual ad doesn't exactly align with In-N-Out's company values; the burger chain even references Bible verses on the bottom of its beverage cups and food wrappers.

In-N-Out's lawyers have reportedly sent the video's producers a cease-and-desist letter after receiving numerous complaints from customers. Per TMZ, "If it isn't taken down immediately, In-N-Out says it will likely serve up a lawsuit." Eater has reached out to In-N-Out for comment.

Watch the extremely NSFW video, below:

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