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Fro-Yo Topped With Gold Leaf Is Wholly Unnecessary, Yet Strangely Appealing

Plus it will only cost you $8 (and a plane ticket to Japan)

Just One Cookbook/Facebook

In today's edition of totally unnecessary yet highly alluring novelty foods: soft-serve ice cream covered in real gold. This thoroughly ridiculous creation is a specialty of Kanazawa, Japan, a city famous for producing gold leaf and using it in everything from wall art to ground coffee.

An extremely thin sheet of gold leaf is wrapped around a regular old soft-serve cone, giving it a deceptively luxurious appearance; while it might seem like a snack suited only to one-percenters, the cones actually only cost about $8.

Of course, gold leaf is basically tasteless, and therefore doesn't actually add anything to the tower of creamy vanilla swirl. In that regard, it's basically the Kardashian of ice cream toppings: guaranteed to generate a ton of likes on Instagram without actually contributing a damn thing.

Watch how the gold leaf-covered cones are assembled, below:

金箔霜淇淋 帥炸

A video posted by 林芊吟 (@vicky84101) on