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Another Memoir from Gabrielle Hamilton; Another Trump Taco

Plus, Chick-fil-A bans iceberg lettuce

Chef and write Gabrielle Hamilton.
Chef and write Gabrielle Hamilton.
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Happy Monday, people of Earth. The 2016 presidential candidates have embedded themselves in New York State and City ahead of the upcoming primary and all hell is breaking loose, what with John Kasich avoiding pizza, Hillary Clinton avoiding cake, and Ted Cruz making matzo. It's going to be quite a week.

In case you missed it, news broke this weekend about Anthony Bourdain's latest award and it has nothing to do with food. People also couldn't stop talking about news that nurses are leaving their jobs in favor of $15 an hour positions at McDonald's; the debate about restaurant workers' minimum wage rages on.

— Regardless of what happens to the tipped minimum wage (that is, the lower hourly wages servers and bartenders are paid in some states), big tippers are still out there: Comedian Jim Carrey showed off his generous side this past weekend in NYC when he dropped a mega tip at The Chester. Carrey apparently left $250 for his server on a $151 bill.

— Chef and author Gabrielle Hamilton (Blood, Bones, and Butter) is writing another memoir titled Kind Regards. According to Publishers Marketplace, it's about "the life and death of her oldest brother Jeffrey, who at the age of sixty committed suicide." The book also promises to give readers "answers to the intriguing questions raised in" Blood, Bones, and Butter. Random House is publishing the book, which does not yet have a release date.

— South of the border, Mexicans have been poking fun at America's most misguided billionaire, Donald Trump. One restaurant in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua created a taco in his honor. Called "El Taco Donald Trump," it contains (translated) "a lot of tongue and little sense"; basically, a lot of hot air and no substance.


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— This week in Noma and René Redzepi news: It's the final week of operations for 108, the casual pop-up operating inside the (old) Noma space in Copenhagen. The team there will soon relocate to another space while Noma builds out its new kitchen and urban garden.

— Chick-fil-A has banned iceberg lettuce. Why? Test kitchen chefs are experimenting with kale and a spokesperson for the company explained: "Our focus over the last couple years has been around health. We're seeing purchase behavior shift toward healthier items, so we're fully committed to providing more nutritional options for customers." Of course, this doesn't address the fact that the company's core menu consists of deep-fried chicken.