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Watch Conan O'Brien Awkwardly Navigate Seoul's Noryangjin Fish Market

Where he adopts a pet octopus

Lanky ginger Conan O'Brien has taken his late-night show on the road again: The comedian and his crew recently spent a week filming in South Korea, even making a very brief foray into North Korean territory. One of O'Brien's stops was the famed Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, a veritable seafood bazaar where he got acquainted with some unusual ocean specimens (warning: dick jokes abound).

He even adopted a small pet octopus — against the advisement of the woman who sold it to him — naming it Samuel. Rather than turning the cephalopod into a meal, O'Brien took the creature to the nearby Coex Aquarium to live out its days in a gigantic tank stocked with other various aquatic life. But before that, O'Brien bonded with the octopus by toasting to him with a nice glass of Chardonnay:

Having a drink with a close friend. One for me and 8 for Samuel. #ConanKorea #SamuelTheOctopus

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Bonus: Check out all the amazing fan art that O'Brien's new eight-legged friendship inspired.