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Hillary Clinton Practices Immense Restraint in the Presence of Cheesecake

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An admirable quality in a politician

Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

In between all that talk about building a wall and who's supposedly going to pay for it, another topic that's captivated the media during this election year has been what the presidential hopefuls are eating. Or in this case, not eating.

Reigning pantsuit queen and recent Broad City guest star Hillary Clinton visited iconic dessert spot Junior's Cheesecake in New York City over the weekend and did not eat a single bite of cheesecake — at least, not where the cameras could witness it.

According to the Wall Street Journal's political reporter Erica Orden, the Democratic front-runner told reporters, "I learned early on not to eat in front of all of you. So, I'm sitting here just pining. Pining for a bite!" Regardless of one's feelings about her politics, showing such restraint in the face of dessert demonstrates a remarkable ability to resist temptation — or it's just a sad comment on how the media just can't resist sensationalizing any evidence of a woman actually eating. Caught sipping green juice? Clearly she's dieting. Captured chowing down on a doughnut? Uh oh, she's letting herself go!

Hopefully Hillary got a slice to go and enjoyed it while riding in the back of a black Escalade with very dark tinted windows. In the meantime, her wistful moment with a slice of Junior's cheesecake has inspired many memes that are sure to follow: