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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Order a Starbucks Latte at Gunpoint

"Give me a cranberry scone!"

Open carry gun laws remain a hot button issue in America: Many gun owners believe they have the right to carry a firearm just about anywhere, but some businesses are uncomfortable with the idea of their customers being armed.

Much to the chagrin of gun advocates, Starbucks has requested that customers not carry firearms inside their stores, even in areas where open carry gun laws are in effect. The coffee giant's "request" stops short of an actual ban, however, so late-night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to test the waters by bringing a gun along on his morning coffee run. Pointing a firearm at your barista may cause them to make your latte a little bit faster, but it turns out even being armed won't help if your local Starbucks is already sold out of cranberry scones.

Just don't forget to slip a couple bucks in the tip jar on the way out, and maybe holster that weapon before exiting to prevent any mishaps.

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