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Inside 'Can I Eat That?' a Whimsical New Children's Book

Go beyond getting kids to eat their vegetables

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All images courtesy Julia Rothman/Phaidon

For generations, children's book authors — attuned to the picky habits of toddlers — have tackled the subject of eating. From Green Eggs and Ham to Seriously, You Have to Eat, writers have employed oddball humor and tales of heroic feats to encourage children to taste the unfamiliar. Food critic (and frequent Eater contributor) Joshua David Stein's new kids' book, Can I Eat That? falls into this vein. Stein zooms out on the English language to see the world from the eyes of a fledgling human who's just learning the difference between eggs and eggplant and why a dried grape is called a raisin and not a raisout.

It's a book for both dubious and curious eaters that also cleverly explores the foibles of the English language. Illustrations by Julia Rothman entertain the kids while unexpected turns of phrase keep adults guessing. Out now from Phaidon Press, find a sneak peek at the inside, below.

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