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British Restaurateur Fights Back Against Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

Don't leave Waseem Ahmed's restaurant an unwarranted negative review

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The modern amateur food critic is an artist, and the restaurant review website is their canvas. Unhappy diners are often quick to post over-the-top reviews on platforms such as Yelp, but at least one British restaurant owner is fighting back. Waseem Ahmed owns Shimla Cottage, an Indian eatery in Coatbridge, Scotland, and he's taken it upon himself to fight fire with fire in TripAdvisor's reviews section.

Ahmed believes too many customers are able to hold businesses ransom via TripAdvisor, reports Metro. So, he's dishing out the same vitriol that's sent his way, breaking down dissatisfied patrons with personal replies. Among some of Ahmed's latest hits:

  • "Rather than go into the minutiae of your written excrement masquerading as a review, may I simply express my hope that you were able to set-aside the money we took off your bill for the inedible curry towards a personality transplant. Cheaper still, a brown paper bag for over your head will also do the trick."
  • "We tried taking your order around 10 mins after seating and serving your drinks to which you replied we need more time and the waiter left. Apologies if the waiter didn't give you a bow or a salute."
  • "You attacked us the only way you could by rushing home to join TripAdvisor to upload such a negative review, giving us the lowest marks for everything, even value for money even though you just had a 3 course lunch for £3.50. This just shows your vindictive basis to actually be a honest judge to review anything."
  • "The staff and management shall be interested to note that Ian M on TripAdvisor doesn't deem our cuisine to be 'above par.' The fact that we are extremely busy and have consistently so for years only leads me to the conclusion that I need take no notice of and no action as a result of your review other than this response."

Ahmed told Metro he apologizes to customers if he truly believes the restaurant made a mistake, but as far as what he believes are negative reviews without warrant: "People think they can write anything they want and restaurants will hide under a blanket." This restaurant owner is getting rid of the blanket.

Considering his attitude toward amateur reviews, Ahmed no doubt is a fan of Aric Mussman, the Arizona restaurant owner who has been going to war with Yelpers since last fall.