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Hillary Clinton Snaps Selfies With Students at Varsity Pizza in Syracuse

Clinton dropped in to grab a take-out order on Friday

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Continuing the time-honored tradition of stopping by beloved local eateries on the campaign trail, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Varsity Pizza in Syracuse, N.Y., on Friday afternoon. During her time at the college town restaurant, Clinton drew a crowd, snapped selfies, and signed autographs on basketballs.

"I didn't believe it at first because I thought it was an April Fools' Day thing," Syracuse freshman Danny Higgins told The Daily Orange, the university's student newspaper. "But I waited for five minutes, met her, and shook her hand and got a picture."

There were plenty of selfies to be had, with Clinton snapping a few herself.

In a phone conversation with Eater, a Varsity Pizza employee confirmed Clinton ordered two large pizzas for carryout, and the restaurant threw in a box of five wings. The reception for the former Secretary of State was overwhelmingly positive, and customers "jumped out of their seats and started snapping pictures and videos and all that." Madam Secretary didn't eat anything during her visit, which lasted "about a half-hour." That was a safe move considering the blowback Republican contender John Kasich caught for his pizza-consuming technique.

The employee said he didn't think Clinton's visit caused an uptick in business. Varsity Pizza was already plenty busy thanks to excitement surrounding Syracuse athletics: Both the men's and women's basketball teams are playing in this weekend's NCAA Division I Final Four. But, Clinton did result in a change of subject for the restaurant's patrons.

"It's all anyone is talking about."