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Fizzy Fruit Will Change Your Life

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Never eat boring, regular fruit again

This is no April Fool’s prank: using just a cooler, plastic wrap, and some dry ice, you can transform regular fruit into carbonated, flavor-bomb party snacks. The experience is something high-class Pop Rocks, and it only takes a little bit of assembly (and 12 hours of waiting) to bring to life.

Locking fruit into a confined space with dry ice — plastic wrap keeps the gas from escaping — infuses the produce with a bubbly, soda-like texture, and amplifies the natural fruity flavors. For best results, use bite-sized fruits, like berries, grapes, or individual satsuma slices, which only foster the trick's addictive quality: your guests will be popping fizzy fruit bites all night. Watch the video above with a how-to from Grant Crilly, chef and founder at ChefSteps.

(PS: Stick around to the end of the video to see what antics the ChefSteps team gets up to with the extra dry ice they had lying around — but don’t try it at home!)

For the full recipe, click here.

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