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Cheese Milkshakes Are What Happens When April Fools' Jokes Go Too Far

Ugh please no

Wayback Burgers

It's important to remain vigilant on April 1, lest one be duped by any number of ridiculous internet jokes. (No, YouTube isn't really making all of its videos 360 degrees and accompanied by Snoop Dogg.) But what about when April Fool's jokes go too far?

Such is the case with Wayback Burgers, a chain with locations in 26 states. For its April Fools' joke, the company made a stomach-churning announcement of a new menu item: a Cheese Whiz milkshake. "[The] new Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake blends fresh milk, premium vanilla bean ice cream and rich liquid gold for an ooey, gooey combination cheese lovers will go gaga over," a press release teased. Thank goodness it's not real.

Except it is: According to a company spokesperson, while the cheesy shake began as a joke, but a few locations will actually be giving away free shakes today for those brave enough to try it. If you're located in East Northport, East Meadow, or Canarsie, NY; Los Angeles; Rochester Hills, Michigan; Lithia, Florida; Coconut Creek, Florida; or Kingston, Saugus, or Worcester, MA and have a strong stomach, head on over. Just remember, your digestive system doesn't understand April Fools' jokes.