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Detroit Lions Player Leaves Florida Server $250 Tip

The server says it was a "blessing in disguise"


The NFL gets a lot of bad publicity for player misdeeds, but here's a nice story: A defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions left a fat tip for his server at a restaurant in Florida earlier this week.

According to WJHG, Khyri Thornton dined at an O'Charley's restaurant with family and friends in his hometown of Panama City on Wednesday. The bill was $304.94, and Thornton left his server, Tailor Thorne, a $250 tip.

While Thornton's 82 percent gratuity didn't quite reach TipsForJesus levels, Thorne was certainly appreciative: She tells WJHG she's in need of a medical procedure and was just dropped by her health insurance, but that the $250 just happens to be the exact amount she needed to cover her pre-operation appointment.

Of course, if the no-tipping movement catches on more widely, these one-off mega-tips might become a thing of the past. But consistently higher wages for restaurant workers could make a big difference in their lives, given that nearly 40 percent live in poverty.

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