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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is well known for yelling at contestants in cooking competitions and degrading downtrodden restaurateurs. But in this video, Ramsay offers some helpful advice to the home chef. The host of Masterchef passes on his expertise to help anyone learn five basic cooking techniques.

Ramsay steps in the kitchen to show off his skills at onion chopping, rice cooking, fish deboning, knife sharpening, and pasta boiling. While some of those tasks might seem easy enough to any culinary hobbyist, Ramsay's instruction could take an amateur's skills to the next level.

Perhaps Ramsay's tutorials are an attempt to get back on the public's good side. Most recently, he's been making headlines for insulting Girl Scout cookies, including the beloved Thin Mints, and declaring his apparent allergic reaction to vegans. These days when he's not pissing people off and trying to teach YouTubers a thing or two, Ramsay bides his time by backing mobile video games.