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Dos Equis Loses Interest in Its Most Interesting Man in the World

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A new actor will replace him in the fall

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images

The Most Interesting Man in the World just got canned. Well, sorta. According to Quartz, Dos Equis is retiring actor Jonathan Goldsmith who has played a Bond-esque character in its commercials since 2006. This may have something to do with the ongoing legal fight between Goldsmith and his agent. Or, it could just be that Goldsmith is too old.

Quartz notes:

The Dos Equis man was initially meant to be someone that young, male beer drinkers would aspire to become, hence the use of an older protagonist, which was unique for beer ads that typically cast younger leads.

So maybe millennial drinkers just aren't buying this old, suave guy's schtick anymore. Sales of Dos Equis have slowed in comparison to Corona and Modelo Especial in recent years.

Goldsmith's final appearance in the campaign will air on Thursday, March 10 where the character will leave for a one-man mission to Mars, never to be seen again. Before he blasts off, a voice over states, "His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like."

77-year-old Goldsmith has played the most interesting man in the world for Dos Equis since 2006. His claims include convincing a vampire to go vegan, wining the Lifetime Achievement Award twice, and having mosquitos refuse to bite him out of respect.

Although Goldsmith will be missed, Dos Equis isn't retiring the character all together. A new actor will replace him in the fall in order to give the campaign what the company calls "a more contemporary feel." Andrew Katz, marketing vice president for Dos Equis, says, "There will be elements that are very, very recognizable, that are super iconic to us, but it will have a very fresh take on things. It will not feel like we've just swapped characters." Either way, the new actor will have some very big — and interesting — shoes to fill.

Dos Equis joins brands like McDonald's and KFC who have attempted to reinvigorate their campaigns by casting newer, and younger, actors to play their iconic characters. After disappearing from McDonald's commercials because of his outdated appearance, a new Ronald McDonald emerged in 2014, wearing cargo pants. KFC's Colonel Sanders also underwent a makeover when a revamped version of the character began to appear in ads. First played by SNL comedian Darrell Hammond, who was quickly replaced by fellow SNL cast-mate Norm McDonald, as of February, the character will be played by Jim Gaffigan.

Video: Watch the last Dos Equis commercial featuring Jonathan Goldsmith