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Restaurant Owner Wages All-Out Yelp Assault on Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews

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He called a 74-year-old woman an "asshole"

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A Denver restaurateur has seemingly made it his life's mission to retaliate against customers who leave less-than-stellar Yelp reviews. Over the last several months Mark Neary, who owns a popular breakfast spot called Onefold, has left a series of increasingly caustic replies for Yelpers who dare leave a negative critique of his establishment, reports Eater Denver.

In January, a 74-year-old Yelp user named Jan M. complained about Onefold's lack of decaf coffee options and expressed concern over the duck fat used in some of the menu items. This didn't sit too well with Neary, who left a public reply on the review that concluded, "I have grandparents that are much older than you and they would never resort to using their age as an excuse [to] act like an asshole, asshole."

In February, Erin L. left the following one-star review for Onefold:

Onefold Yelp

Neary certainly didn't mince words when he replied to the review two weeks later:

Onefold Yelp 2

In the most recent — and perhaps most extreme — instance of Neary's Yelper-directed rage, a Yelp Elite user who left a bad review calling Onefold "perhaps his most hilariously bad dining experience of all time" has now been accused by Neary of viewing illegal pornography on his laptop while at the restaurant.

Of course, Neary's not the first chef or restaurant owner to bite back at Yelp reviewers: A Boston restaurant owner posted photos of two badly behaved Yelpers on Instagram to publicly shame them, while a Vancouver chef confronted a Yelp user who left a bad review on live radio. But perhaps Neary would be better off channeling his Yelper rage into a more artistic pursuit, like the Omaha restaurant that turned its bad reviews into dramatic monologues and posted them on YouTube. Or he could just watch South Park's recent Yelp-bashing episode over and over until he feels better.

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