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New Ben & Jerry's Flavors; French People Embrace Delivery Apps

Six or so things to know right now

Another way to consume oranges, in case peeling them is not an option.
Another way to consume oranges, in case peeling them is not an option.

Just when we thought the Whole Foods pre-peeled packaged orange snafu — and subsequent ableist debate — had died down, it's reared its ugly head again. But we must remain strong against the overpriced and out of touch corporation that is Whole Foods, and remember that there is more than one way to peel an orange.

Let's move on and talk about Donald Trump's meat instead, shall we? (Not a euphemism, no.)

Seriously though, we should talk Norovirus at Chipotle because it's baaaack.

In other news, Bernie Sanders' BFF Ben & Jerry's plans to release a new series of flavors; the French are embracing food delivery; Instagramming your meal might actually make it taste better; New York City is going off the deep end with menu labeling regulations; Pizza Squirrel is Pizza Rat's long lost cousin; plus, a bonus video.

— Ben & Jerry's is about to release several new "core" flavors this week — those are the ones with ice cream surrounding a central channel of gooey sauce — and the company is sidelining a traditional press release to instead make the announcements on Snapchat. Brownie Batter Core is the first flavor; the goofy ice cream company's Snapchat handle is benandjerrys.

— According to the Verge, delivery apps are taking Paris by storm. The French, stubborn about their — admittedly civilized — archaic dining habits are, sacré bleu, ordering food to be delivered to their homes and workplaces. Long live French cafe culture.

— A new study suggests taking a photograph of your meal before eating it may positively influence how it tastes. So tell your hungry friends to back off while you style, light, and stage that avocado toast before taking a bite. NB: This is almost certainly pseudoscience but it might make for some lively conversation over dinner tonight.

— Move over Pizza RatPizza Squirrel really knows how to snag a slice.

— New York City can't even get sodium label warnings on menus without a prolonged fight, but a new council proposal would require restaurants to post a sign detailing the "risks of excessive sugar and other carbohydrate intake for diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals." Is it for the greater good of the population? Opponents are already crying nanny state.

— Finally, let Andrew Zimmern teach you how to take a selfie:

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