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McCafé Ad Featuring Gay Teen Sparks Controversy in Taiwan

Religious groups are calling for boycotts


Another group is protesting a commercial featuring a gay character, and this time it's happening across the world in Taiwan. According to Fortune, a 90-second McCafé ad is sparking controversy in the country for depicting a gay son coming out to his father. In the ad, the son scribbles on a McCafé cup the words "I like guys," to which his father reacts by getting angry and storming out. Eventually, the father returns with another cup from McCafé and writes on his son's cup, "I accept that you like guys." Religious groups in Taiwan are not pleased that the ad promotes tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality.

One group, called The Alliance of Taiwan Religious Groups for the Protection of Family, is leading the pack of protestors. It has not only publicly condemned the commercial, but is calling for a boycott of the fast food company. A representative of the group said, "Now, even if you want to just take a leak at a McDonald's bathroom, you can't help but feel polluted." The protestors appear to be going against the grain of the normally progressive stance most Taiwanese citizens take on gay rights. In a recent poll taken by the Ministry of Justice, 60 percent of citizens said they were in favor of marriage equality.

It's not the first such commercial McDonald's has aired in another country. Back in 2010, a similar ad showed a gay teen in France eating with his dad at McDonald's. However, the fast food chain's chief operating officer was adamant the ad would not show in the U.S. as it was meant for countries where tolerance was the "cultural norm." While McDonald's appears to be promoting acceptance abroad, its stance has been questioned by some, including employees who claim they have been discriminated against for their sexual orientation.

Video: Watch McDonald's Taiwan McCafé Ad