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Watch: Chef April Bloomfield Explains How She Almost Became a Cop

Officer Bloomfield?

Award-winning chef April Bloomfield (The Breslin, The Spotted Pig, Salvation Burger, NYC) almost became a cop instead of a chef. In a new animated short from the producers behind the Mind of a Chef the British badass cook explains how a set of unusual circumstances, procrastination, family guidance, and ripe opportunities took her from a small town in the UK to work as a big city chef in London.

The story started for Bloomfield at the age of 13. Her older sister was in culinary school and was bringing home cakes she'd made in class, "but the trouble was all these cakes tasted the same... it was weird." So, Bloomfield was initially turned off by the idea of being a chef. Her first idea was to be a social worker, but her mom didn't approve. Bloomfield's love for police TV shows inspired her to apply to the police force, but she turned in her application too late. Running out of options, she took a job as a cook: "I'll cook, I'll do that for two years and then if I still want to join the police force I'll reapply..." And the rest, as they say, is history.

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