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This Chair Folds You Up Into a Taco

It’s just missing beans and cheese


Here it is, the chair we've been waiting for our entire lives. Called the Blandito, it is something like a flat, round cushion that can can be rolled, folded, wrapped, and positioned into any number of shapes, including, yes, a taco shape. Also a burrito if you're small and ambitious. Sandwich yourself between two of these things and you're basically a burger in a bun.

The designers say their unique seat was born out of an idea and "a fabric stockist, a do-it-yourself shop, an ironmongery, a sewing machine, a hammer, 2 sprays, a garden hose, 2 foam sheets, 20 eyelets, 8 kg of polyester staple fiber, 4 tapestry wooden balls, 2 m of elastic cord, a lot of patience, fantasy, enthusiasm, and sleepless nights." What about the beans and cheese though?

Unfortunately, the Blandito is currently sold out of its limited initial production run, but if you already own the pizza pool float, this thing is for you.