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Why Late Night Host James Corden Is Against McDonald's All-Day Breakfast

"I can't be trusted with 24/7 McMuffin access."

Last night on the Late Late Show, host James Corden tackled two issues near and dear to America's heart: McDonald's all-day breakfast and Cadbury Creme Eggs. First, Corden — an admitted fan of McDonald's breakfast — comes out against the new all-day offering: "Guys it is just not the same any more. We may have gained all-day breakfast, but we lost the thrill of showing up at McDonald's just before they stopped serving it... Nothing can replace ordering a McGriddle at 10:29 and then eating it while you watch a guy who didn't wake up in time settle for chicken nuggets."

Further, Corden says, "I can't be trusted with 24/7 McMuffin access... it has a time and a place. Its time is before 11 a.m. and the place is... I'm not telling you because I don't want any of you to ever see me eating it."

The late show host knows this is a controversial stance so he proposes something in return: Year-round Cadbury Creme Eggs: "We are right in the middle of Cadbury Creme Egg Season, but what am I supposed to do after Easter? Grab a regular chocolate bar? Eat a regular egg? I won't do it." Corden says that the egg should change shape depending upon the holiday: "Halloween it's a pumpkin, for Christmas, make it Santa." Of note: The last time Corden sounded this passionate about something he was singing in his car with Adele.

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