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Fried Pork Chops, Saucy Wings, and Hometown Pride at Daley's Restaurant in Chicago

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Since 1918

In this episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson heads to the heart of the South Side of Chicago to Daley’s Restaurant. Open since 1892, Daley’s is located near the intersection of 63rd and Cottage Grove, a once thriving cultural center that has slowly been making a resurgence, fighting economic hardship and gang violence.

Daley’s originally opened in anticipation of World’s Columbian Exposition, held in Chicago in 1893. The restaurant was intended to feed construction workers. The place thrived and was sold to two Greek immigrants in 1918. Daley's has remained in the same family ever since, and has been a mainstay in the community for over 90 years. Regulars come for the comfort food: juicy smothered pork chops, salmon cakes, and biscuits and gravy. Watch as Peterson enjoys some of the best food the South Side has to offer, and makes a couple of new friends while doing it.

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Daley's Restaurant

6257 South Cottage Grove Avenue, , IL 60637 (773) 643-6670 Visit Website