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Watch and Learn How Tootsie Rolls Saved American Troops in the Korean War

More than just a candy

Tootsie Rolls, the iconic chocolate candies, are a favorite of American children, but U.S. soldiers in the Korean War were big fans too. This video from Great Big Story explains how they came through for some stranded troops.

The soldiers requested a supply of bullets — which they code-named "Tootsie Rolls" — but they were given a box of the actual sweet treats instead. Freezing temperatures had cracked vehicle fuel lines, and Tootsie Rolls turned out to be the perfect solution. Soldiers softened the candies in their mouths, then used the resulting putty to patch the lines. The cold air hardened the patches and provided a seal, allowing the troops to hit the road and get to safety.

It's a nice tale for the candy, but one has to wonder if the makers of Tootsie Rolls are at all concerned that their product might be best used as a tool for auto repair.