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Couple Dines at Arby's Before Robbing the Place

The duo stopped by the drive-thru, then returned armed with a gun


A Utah couple has taken "casing the joint" to a whole new level. According to KUTV, Shawn Nelson and Jessica Perry ate at a Utah County Arby's shortly before they decided to rob the place.

Apparently, the fast food Bonnie and Clyde went back to the restaurant claiming Nelson had left his wallet. After the store closed, the two returned and were allowed inside when they told workers money was missing from the wallet. Once inside, Nelson pulled a gun on the store's manager, forced him to the safe, and stole an undisclosed sum of money.

The couple's crime spree was short lived, as Nelson was pulled over and arrested by Lindon police the same night. In addition to almost all of the stolen money, police also found a fake gun and drugs inside of the vehicle. Nelson, who did not resist arrest, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and aggravated robbery. Lindon police are still searching for two more suspects in connection to the robbery.

Nelson and Perry are following in the footsteps of many thieves who have posed as customers before making the bold move to rob an establishment. Just last month, a Waffle House customer made sure to enjoy breakfast before making off with all of the money in the register, and a couple of UK robbers previously cooked up some burgers and left a thank-you note before stealing 10 bottles of booze. One Washington thief was even kind enough to pay for a beverage and leave a tip before walking off with a few bags of cash.

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