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Japanese Lego Artist Builds Tiny Sushi Restaurant With Working Conveyor Belt

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And a chef with a samurai sword


Further proving that why yes, Legos are an art form, a Japanese artist took great pains to construct a model of a sushi restaurant with the tiny plastic blocks. Said tiny sushi restaurant is even equipped with a fully operational conveyor belt and detachable dishes, as Mental Floss reports. Dr. Pei, as this artist is known, included guests, sushi chefs, and a news crew "filming" the spectacle in his masterpiece, which also features guests walking outside and relaxing in booths.

Further inspection of the diminutive restaurant reveals where BB-8, the little round droid from Star Wars, zipping around on said conveyor belt. However, as awesome as this restaurant would be life-size, actually eating there could somewhat dangerous, what with the angry-looking, samurai sword-wielding chef and sushi that's actually made of plastic.

Other Lego artists have used the building blocks to facilitate the eating of actual food, like these people who built a Lego structure for the sole purpose of dispensing McDonald's chicken McNuggets, special sauce and all, for the low price of 2 Euros.

Watch the mini sushi restaurant in action, below:

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