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How Black Tap Makes Its Gravity-Defying Milkshakes

More things should be garnished with cake

The milkshakes that launched one thousand Instagrams are back, this time with an inside look at how they’re made.

Unveiled in November by Black Tap Burgers & Beer in New York City, the desserts quickly rose to food fad status and are still inspiring block-long lines and serious fandom, perhaps for good reason: each milkshake is stacked high with toppings, like whole slices of cake, mountains of fluffy cotton candy, or a handful of chocolate chip cookies.

Black Tap offers 12 milkshake varieties ranging from $7 to $12, depending on the level of adornment or if you choose to add booze. In a recent story, the New York Post estimated that the larger varieties can set a diner back 1,600 calories. Watch the video above for Eater's side-by-side comparison of the construction of five of Black Taps most popular milkshake flavors.

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