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Four Men Busted in Connecticut Pizzeria Cocaine Ring

Unlike Parmesan and red pepper flakes, it was not free with every order

Lori Thantos/Flickr

Karaoke and pizza sounds like a pretty swell Friday night, especially when you sprinkle a little cocaine on top — or so four men in Wallingford, Connecticut thought. The quartet was arrested this week for selling cocaine out of a pizzeria following a four-month police investigation, reports NBC Connecticut.

Police say one of the men "hosted karaoke and trivia nights" at Colony Pizza House; apparently that wasn't quite enough fun and the group decided to parlay it into selling narcotics inside the restaurant. All four are out on bond and are awaiting court dates later this month, but the question remains: Did they cut their product with grated parm?

Amazingly, these geniuses weren't the first to decide dealing drugs out of a pizzeria was a good idea: Last year a Pizza Hut employee in Indiana was busted for selling heroin at work, and a few months prior the owners of a Minnesota pizza parlor were arrested after using the business as a front to traffic large quantities of marijuana.

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