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How to Make a Fruit Crumble for Any Season

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Streusel topping makes everything better

When it comes to minimal-effort-but-high-reward desserts, fruit crumble, ahem, takes the cake. Following a simple formula with whatever fruit is in season, a crumble comes together in a little over an hour, and is ideal divided into bowls and topped with scoops of ice cream. Today, our friends at ChefSteps demonstrate their perfected fruit crumble recipe, complete with a (gluten free!) streusel topping starring almond flour and oats.

The big tip from ChefSteps is in regard to cooking time, which can vary based on fruit selection as well as from oven to oven. As the crumble cooks, the filling will begin to boil, bubbling at the pan's edges. This liquid will be cloudy at first, indicating that the corn starch isn't fully hydrated yet, but will turn transparent and shiny once the crumble is cooked through.

For the full recipe, click here.

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