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British Actors Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode Will Teach You About Wine with Charming Accents

Yes please

Do you like wine, charming British accents, and handsome Hollywood actors? Rejoice, because Matthew Rhys (The Americans) and Matthew Goode (Downton Abbey, The Good Wife) have a new TV series about wine and it looks pretty delightful.

Called simply The Wine Show, the 13-episode one-hour series will chronicle the adventures of the Matthews as they luxuriate in a picture-perfect Italian sipping crisp Chardonnays and having a laugh, or so it appears.

"You might wonder what two actors are doing on a show about wine," Rhys says in the trailer. Indeed, it seems neither he nor Goode are particularly advanced oenophiles, but that's what makes this show so appealing: It's just two normal — okay, slightly better-looking than average — guys learning about wine, with the bonus of some pretty majestic landscape backdrops. (Don't worry, they'll also be calling in a team of experts to say smart stuff about grapes.)

The Wine Show premieres this spring on UK network ITV; the rest of us will just have to pray it makes it to YouTube.

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