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Steakhouse Owner Lifts Donald Trump Ban After Receiving Death Threat

Angry Trump supporters also left bad Yelp reviews

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Do not underestimate the ferocity of Trump supporters: A restaurant owner in Louisville, Kentucky who recently banned the Donald from his establishment is now backtracking after he says he received a death threat, reports the Courier-Journal.

Jeff Ruby took to Twitter earlier this month to declare that Trump wasn't welcome at his restaurant, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse. He told a local publication, "He denigrates women. He disgraces POWs. He disparages the disabled. He badmouths anyone who disagrees with him. He claims to have never heard of (former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard) David Duke and he praises Vladimir Putin."

While plenty of Trump opponents applauded Ruby's move on Twitter, the restaurateur says he faced a swift backlash from the Republican front-runner's supporters: Customers cancelled their reservations, left scores of negative Yelp reviews, and even called the restaurant "yelling at the hostesses." As a result, Ruby lifted his Trump ban, telling the Post-Courier, he "just wanted to make sure there wasn't a confrontation."

"You see who his followers are; a lot of them are lunatics. It only takes one lunatic to kill someone," Ruby told the paper. In any case, it's highly unlikely Trump would ever eat there anyway: Despite his billions of dollars the shouty politician actually prefers to dine at places like McDonald's, and when he does eat steak, he reportedly orders it well-done.

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