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Restaurant in Japan Busted for Serving Deadly Blowfish Liver

No related illnesses or deaths have been reported

Andrew Wong/Getty Images

Does knowing that a food might kill you make it taste better? Police in Japan raided a restaurant that was serving one of the world's most dangerous foods on Monday, according to The Guardian. The members-only restaurant in Osaka was serving tiger blowfish liver; while it's legal to serve the flesh of the blowfish, chefs must be licensed to do so, and serving the parts of the fish known to be particularly poisonous — including the liver — is illegal.

Police say they had not received any reports of patrons being sickened from eating blowfish liver at this particular restaurant, but the restaurant is now banned from serving fugu indefinitely. Dozens of people fall ill from eating blowfish, or fugu, each year and a few are even killed; last year, five men were hospitalized after eating the liver of the fish. The dangerous substance found in the fish is called tetrodotoxin; according to National Geographic, just one blowfish contains enough of the neurotoxin to kill 30 adults, and there is no known antidote for it.

Video: A Taste of Deadly Fugu

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