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Watch April Bloomfield Prepare a Perfect Scotch Egg

A full breakfast in one bite

Sausage: good. Deep fry it: even better. Stuff an egg inside sausage and deep fry it: a delicacy. In this video from Mind of a Chef, April Bloomfield shows one of her mentors, chef and journalist Rowley Leigh, how she prepares the British breakfast classic known as a Scotch egg.

Bloomfield starts with pork shoulder and salted fatback, which she gives two passes through the sausage grinder. To the resulting product, Bloomfield adds ground sage and equal amounts of bread and milk. After combining the mixture, a four-ounce portion of the sausage is set aside for a seven-minute boiled egg, which is slowly worked into the pork. Once the egg is fully encased, it's coated in breadcrumbs and sent into the fryer. Nine minutes later, Bloomfield pulls out the crispy, porky dish.

Watch the above video and learn how to whip up a perfect Scotch egg from one of the masters.

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