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Lego Dispenser of Your Dreams Spits Out McDonald's Fries for $1

Put in four quarters, get out a midday snack


A bunch of Lego wizards built a functional desktop device that drive-thru junkies everywhere will lust over: This McDonald's french fry dispenser takes snacking to a whole new level.

A video demonstration of the device from Astonishing Studios reveals that when a user feels peckish, he or she can insert four quarters — no nickels, dimes, or pennies, sorry — into the contraption, and out pops a carton of fries, along with a packet of ketchup. The video goes on to deconstruct the mechanisms involved in making the fry dispenser work. And if the coin system is too complicated, a hungry snacker can just lift off the top for easy access to the whole stockpile of fries. But wait — won't you also need a tiny Lego worker to ensure said fries are always hot, crispy, and fresh? This device comes from the same people who brought you the chicken nugget dispenser, naturally.

Lego creations have taken the culinary world by storm, with builders creating funky scenes like this tiny sushi restaurant with a fully functioning conveyor belt and this model of Texas' Iron Works BBQ restaurant.

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