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Ina Garten's Next Cooking Show; PepsiCo Is Going Cage-Free

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Six things to know today

Brace for more Ina
Brace for more Ina
Ina Garten/Facebook

Happy Wednesday. Remain vigilant, because April Fool's Day is right around the corner; but unfortunately, Red Robin's new ramen burger ripoff is 100 percent serious. In other vital food news today: Food Network's programming lineup is being invaded by famous people, a giant food manufacturer is switching to cage-free eggs, Manhattanites can now sip on Freudian themed cocktails, and ClassPass has spawned an edible spinoff.

— Brace for a plethora of new Food Network shows that will include celebrities galore. Ina Garten's getting a new series called Barefoot and Friends that will feature her cooking with famous friends (could a Taylor Swift appearance be coming?), and Ayesha Curry — Instagram-famous mom to media darling Riley and wife of NBA star Stephen Curry — is getting her own show, At Home With Ayesha. Comedian David Alan Grier, who is not in fact the new Colonel Sanders, will also host a new series.

— Another company is jumping on the cage-free egg bandwagon, and this one's huge: It's PepsiCo, which owns brands from Frito-Lay to Quaker and is the second-biggest food and beverage company in the world. The company has committed to fully switching to cage-free eggs by 2020 in the U.S., and 2025 for the rest of the world.

— Speaking of Big Food: Del Monte, producer of canned tomatoes and fruit, is converting all its products to non-BPA packaging. The chemical found inside cans can cause hormone disruption in humans, and many worry that it can leech into canned foods. Campbell's also just announced a switch to BPA-free packaging.

— Finally, the themed eatery we've all been waiting for: a Viennese restaurant in Manhattan called Freud, after the infamous and influential psychotherapist. Cocktails have names like "Taboo, "Libido," and "The Slip," but thankfully there's no Oedipus burger.

— ClassPass, the wildly popular service that lets users pick-and-choose workout classes at various studios for a flat monthly fee, has inspired a culinary spinoff: Aptly named MealPass, it offers one lunch per day from dozens of different restaurants for $99 a month. Members place their order ahead of time and then swoop in to pick it up, no waiting in line necessary. MealPass launches today in downtown Boston; could more cities be coming soon?

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