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Burrito Finder App Could Prove Useful for the Laziest of Humans

For those impossibly specific lunchtime cravings

Culinary guru Alton Brown has long preached against the concept of unitaskers; that is, kitchen tools that serve a singular and often silly purpose (see: quesadilla makers and pineapple corers). They take up precious cabinet space and simply aren't very useful. But what about digital unitaskers, such as a new web app called My Burrito Finder?

Powered by Google Maps and Yelp, My Burrito Finder will show you all the places to satiate a burrito craving in the vicinity of a given address or a particular neighborhood. Sure, it's really no different from pointing your browser to either of the aforementioned sites and performing a simple search for "burrito" — but when the craving for a tortilla-wrapped gut bomb strikes, being able to click one button in your browser's toolbar could prove handy for the most indolent among us.

And why stop there? Why not just populate your computer's entire desktop with links to impossibly specific food finders such as My Macaron Finder, My Avocado Toast Finder, or My Cronut Knockoff Finder? It's a brave new world.

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