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This Meaty Burger Gets a Nutrition Boost from Offal

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It's a paleo dieter's dream

Burgers will never out-superfood a kale salad, but chef Marco Canora at New York City’s Hearth is tackling the beefy American classic under his new, health-conscious philosophy. This week on The Meat Show, Eater's resident carnivore Nick Solares visits Canora at his East Village restaurant for an inside look at the "Variety Burger."

Canora is no stranger to hyping previously overlooked uses for nutrient-rich animal products; in 2014, he began selling steaming hot bone broth in to-go cups from one of Hearth's unused windows, amassing a rabid fanbase of paleo dieters and the generally curious (or cold). Hearth’s new burger takes a similar approach, featuring a blend of beef heart and liver, plus chuck, brisket, and even bone marrow. The organs are rich in protein and incredibly nutrient-dense, boasting high levels of A and B vitamins, folic acid, copper, and iron. Watch for a behind-the-scenes look at the dish, which is served without a bun for a meaty, fork-and-knife experience.

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