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Fine Dining Embraces 3D Printing; Jessica Biel's New Kid-Friendly Restaurant

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Five things to know right now

Inside Jessica Biel's new restaurant Au Fudge in LA
Inside Jessica Biel's new restaurant Au Fudge in LA
Wonho Frank Lee/Eater LA

Today's news is a little bit all over the place, just like this 2016 presidential campaign. First up, another celebrity opens a restaurant — but this one has a twist, plus news in tech, science, globalization, and a peek at what a power lunch looks like in Iran. Have a good one.

— Today, in celebrities enter the food space: Actress Jessica Biel unveiled her newest project yesterday and it wasn't a television show or movie or ad campaign or new kid with husband Justin Timberlake. It was a restaurant. Eater LA got a sneak peek of the interior and it looks pretty cozy (photo above). The weirdest part? There's basically an onsite daycare, so parents can drop their kids off at a play area, pay a "nominal fee" and eat without having to worry about little Susie running and screaming under other diners' tables.

— Is 3D printing the new molecular gastronomy? Science, technology, and food have always played in the same spaces, but now 3D printing, which was once a novelty, is entering the fine dining sphere. Spanish chef Paco Perez (of La Enoteca inside Barcelona's Hotel Arts) is using a 3D printer to pipe sauces and thick starches onto plates in intricate shapes that, according to the BBC, "would be extremely difficult to produce by hand."

[Image: Foodini]

[Image: Foodini]

— Globalization continues apace: Starbucks is expanding into South Africa. Meanwhile, McDonald's is moving into Kazakhstan, its 120th new country.

— Tech: Google's new payment app is called Hands Free, and unlike Android operating system names, it's just what it sounds like: You can pay at certain retailers without having to take your phone out of your pocket. The Verge explains that when you get to the point of payment, all you have to say is, "I'll pay with Google." So far the service is only available in the Bay Area at Papa John's and McDonald's locations.

— On this day in 1845 Florida became a state in the union and ever since crime at fast food restaurants in America has never been crazier.

— Finally, here's what a lunch rush looks like at a restaurant in Iran:

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