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Starbucks Blesses Japan With Alcoholic Frappuccinos

What's better than coffee blended with ice? Booze blended with ice

Starbucks Japan

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks has been testing "Starbucks Evenings" —€” modified shops that serve beer, wine, and tapas-like plates after dark — for a few years in select markets. Now, the trial is taking a logical next step: alcoholic Frappuccinos. On Wednesday in Japan, the company will launch what are officially called "Wine Fragginos," reports RocketNews24.

Instead of coffee, the Fraggino features blueberry wine from the town of Yoichicho. It's blended with ice — just like a Frappuccino — and checks in at 900 yen, or about $8 U.S. Sadly, the company has not revealed possible plans to bring the beverage stateside.

Starbucks chief executive officer Howard Schultz recently addressed American shareholders and discussed a variety of topics. Booze-infused frozen beverages weren't on the agenda, but Schultz did confirm a few new additions to the company's lineup. A bottled version of its cold brew coffee will be available at Starbucks locations and in grocery stores, and a new line of Starbucks Latte K-cups in caramel, mocha, and vanilla flavors (plus peppermint mocha and the iconic pumpkin spice for the holidays) is in the works. Starbucks also is preparing to launch its ready-to-drink bottled coffee products across Asia, where it's currently making a major push with 2,500 new stores planned for China.

Update: A Starbucks spokesperson tells Eater the Fraggino is available at one location in Japan for one day only, and makes it clear the beverage is not part of the Frappuccino line, despite its blended similarity.

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