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Pepsi Doubles Down on Craft Soda With 1893 Cola Concept

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It comes in two varieties: original cola and ginger cola

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PepsiCo launched a new product this week: The soda company's new 1893 Original Cola and 1893 Ginger Cola pay homage to its founding year and add to the growing list of similar craft products on the rise in the U.S. The beverages will be available in 12-ounce cans at retail locations across the country, according to The Street.

The 1893 colas are meant to appeal to a source-conscious mindset. Ingredients include kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water. The rollout of the beverage sparked surprise and curiosity on social media, where people posted their own reviews, with one user comparing it to Pepsi's "real sugar" offering, and another recommending the ginger cola for any ginger beer fans.

This is not Pepsi's first foray into the trendy craft beverage realm. In 2014, the company introduced Caleb Kola, named after founder Caleb Bradham, and later launched its lineup of Stubborn Sodas, which embrace more offbeat flavors like agave vanilla cream, black cherry with tarragon, and lemon berry açai.

Pepsi is also working on plans for a restaurant in New York City. Kola House, slated for Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, does not have a menu nailed down, but will certainly feature the brand's craft sodas in any cocktails served.