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FDA Delays Calorie Counts on Menus; Matcha Oreos Hit Japan

Six things to know today

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Happy Tuesday, hope you didn't eat too much Easter candy over the weekend. (A bunch of people in the UK apparently did.) In other food news today: The FDA has given restaurants more time to display calorie counts on their menus (again), France is cracking down on slaughterhouses, Japan's Oreos are cooler than ours, and Steven Tyler drank Butterbeer a la Harry Potter for his birthday.

— Brits love their Cadbury Creme Eggs — a little too much, as it turns out. Over Easter weekend, at least one UK hospital saw a major influx of patients pained with post-candy binge stomach aches; it took to Facebook on Sunday to let over-indulgers know they'd likely be better off drinking some water and staying home, rather than clogging up the emergency room queue.

— The Affordable Care Act that was signed into law in 2010 included a provision that would require chain restaurants (as well as ice cream shops, movie theaters, and other businesses serving prepared foods) to display calorie counts on their menus; it was supposed to go into effect this December, but now it's been pushed back — again — to 2017 thanks to lobbying from the restaurant industry. While several chains including McDonald's and Starbucks have gotten ahead of the new law and already display calorie counts, the rest still have some time to get in gear.

— France is cracking down on slaughterhouses: After an animal rights group released a video revealing horrific animal abuse at an abattoir in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, the government has ordered an inspection of all the nation's slaughterhouses over the next month. Meanwhile, the one featured in the video has been shut down.

— Japan gets all the cool flavors and it's just not fair: While Americans are stuck with birthday cake and cinnamon bun Oreos, the Japanese just got a new version of the iconic sandwich cookie with matcha-flavored filling. And to inspire further jealousy: McDonald's Japan launched a matcha McFlurry last week.

— Despite what his ever-present eyeliner and leather pants might indicate, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is not too cool for Disneyland. The iconic rocker celebrated his birthday at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday with friends and family. According to his Instagram, he also hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, where he no doubt indulged in some sweet, sweet Butterbeer:


A photo posted by Steven Tyler (@iamstevent) on

— That fancy toast trend we all keep hearing so much about is not actually new, FYI. See, as early as the 1850s, restaurants were serving toast topped with ingredients ranging from anchovies to baby pigeon. Suddenly that avocado toast doesn't seem quite so revolutionary.

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