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Jamie Oliver's Latest Feud Involves Adele and Breastfeeding

The singer is pissed after the chef mansplained the best way to feed a baby


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has drawn the ire of one of the world's biggest pop stars: Singer Adele is pissed off following some comments the soda-taxing restaurateur made about breastfeeding.

Oliver, who has presumably never breast-fed, sounded off on the topic earlier this month during a radio appearance, according to Us Weekly. Oliver lamented the state of breastfeeding in the UK, declaring the nation "[has] the worst breastfeeding in the world" and saying, "It’s easy, it’s more convenient, it’s more nutritious, it’s better, it’s free."

This apparently didn't sit too well with the Jamba Juice-pranking singer, who broached the subject of breastfeeding a week later during a concert. "The pressure on us is fucking ridiculous and all those people who put pressure on us can go fuck yourselves, alright? Because it’s hard. Some of us can’t do it!" she's quoted as saying. Oliver also got plenty of backlash on social media for his comments, with some accusing him of "mansplaining" a woman's issue.

Adele certainly isn't the first fellow UK celebrity Oliver has run aground of: He's had a long-running feud with shouty chef Gordon Ramsay, with Oliver stating last year that Ramsay is "deeply jealous" of him. Considering Ramsay has his own Kim Kardashian-esque mobile game in the works and just bought a new $500,000 Ferrari, it seems doubtful he's losing any sleep over Oliver, who almost played a Hobbit once.

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