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Feel the Wrath of Burger King’s Hot Sauce Bun Burger

Angriest Burger is angry

Burger King

When it comes to burgers, fast food chains pretty much ran out of original ideas years ago. These days, rather than focusing on the quality of the beef — which would be much too logical — many of the drive-thru kings have instead switched their focus to the buns (black bunspink bunsgray bunsfried chicken buns!). And the latest entry in this field: Burger King's Angriest Whopper, a menu item that, despite being brand new and limited-time-only, is inexplicably pissed off at you and everyone else.

While this burger includes bacon, jalapeños, "crispy onion petals," and "spicy angry sauce," the cornerstone of it is clearly the red bun, which has hot sauce baked into it. Why is the Angriest Burger so angry? Perhaps because it now has to share menu space with terrible hot dogs, or because it's simply a rip-off of a red bun burger Burger King Japan served last summer, or because it knows it's destined to sit under a heat lamp. Or maybe just because Angriest Burger sounds better than Help We're Running Out of Ideas Burger.