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Watch: How to Make Classic Candy Bars From Scratch

Replicating some of everyone's favorite chocolate treats

How to Make Everything's Andy George has been on a long road to making his own chocolate bars from scratch. Harvesting all of his ingredients and processing them himself, George estimates the journey took 5,000 miles, 35 hours of labor, and $1,425 in expenses. In the end, he has his own versions of Hershey chocolate bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Nutrageous bars, and Butterfinger bars. This video shows how George creates the final products.

Based on the taste test, it seems George has some hits and misses on his hands. He and his tasting partner, chocolatier Danielle Stein, aren't sold on the basic Hershey replica: "It definitely has a really strong smoky flavor, which is unusual in chocolate," Stein says. And the DIY Butterfinger is missing some signature texture: "It's very different because it doesn't have that distinct crunch," George laments.

Not all is lost, however. The Reese's Cups fare well against their mass-produced competitor: "I kinda like mine more, I think," a proud George declares. The homemade Nutrageous appears to be the best of the bunch: "It's really good. I did enjoy it more than the Reese's one," Stein says.

Watch the above video and learn how to make your own candy bars from scratch.

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