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McDonald's Will Pilot Test a Mobile Ordering System

Will it contend with Starbucks's ordering system?

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McGriddles could soon be at any McDonald's lover's fingertips, as the chain prepares to launch a test of mobile ordering technology, according to The Street. Jumping in with other national chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts that have implemented mobile ordering services, McDonald's will roll out the system in select cities that have not yet been named.

McDonald's hinted at a mobile ordering system when it launched its app last summer.

Along with this measure, McDonald's is working to incorporate a loyalty program for customers who use its app. A punch card-style rewards program was tested in New York and California, where frequent buyers could earn a sixth McCafe beverage free after ordering five, and it's now advertised as part of the mobile app, allowing users to obtain other special offers.

The app, which has 7.5 million downloads, also offers store locator information, as well as nutritional details for McDonald's menu. The chain has made a number of pushes to boost its public profile in recent months, including the introduction of all-day breakfast.