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The Top 13 Stories on Eater Last Week

Relive the week in Eater, one story at a time

Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo
Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo

Monday has reared its ugly head once again — instead of facing the challenges of the week ahead, why not luxuriate in the glories of last week just a little bit longer? Here now, a retrospective of the last week in Eater in the form of a baker's dozen of the most-read stories.

From an expansive guide to hot travel destination Mexico City to an inside look at a Dallas restaurant with scantily clad male servers, there's plenty here to feast your eyes on — including a look at TGI Fridays' latest play for the millennial demographic, what Anthony Bourdain wants for his last meal on Earth, novelty foods involving Easter candy and weed (though not both at the same time, sadly), and Chipotle's latest effort to get E. coli-shy customers back in its burrito lines.

1) The Eater Guide to Mexico City

2) Is TGI Fridays Preparing for a Millennial-Bait Makeover?

3) Anthony Bourdain's Last Meal Would Be 23 Courses of Sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro

4) Video: There's More to Sushi Than Fish and Rice

5) Eggspressos Are Espresso Shots Served in Chocolate Easter Eggs, Obviously

6) Dunkin' Donuts Is Officially Launching Home Delivery Across America

7) Chrontella Is Nutella for Stoners

8) Please Stop Writing Racist Restaurant Reviews

9) Alcohol Consumption Does Not Have Magical Effects on Your Health, Study Says

10) Black Waitress Sent Home for Violating Restaurant's Hair Policy

11) Restaurant in Mexicali Was a Cover for an Elaborate Drug Smuggling Tunnel

12) Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Chips and Guac — But You've Got to Earn It

13) Lessons Learned From Tallywackers, Dallas's Male Version of Hooters

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