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How to Make Cold Brew, Fast

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Why buy it when you can DIY?

As the weather begins to warm up again, coffee drinkers everywhere are timing their inevitable switch from hot beverage to iced. It’s a delicate balance: switch too soon and you'll have to wear a coat to get a caffeine fix; switch too late and you’ll be sweating into your steaming latte. The best bet to avoid a case of buyer's remorse is to go the DIY route. Today, our friends at ChefSteps share a trick to making cold brew coffee in a fraction of the time the process usually takes, with the help of one unlikely kitchen tool.

The whipping siphon, or whipped cream dispenser, is a favorite among chefs for it's ability to make fluffy, even foams and whipped cream without the use of a mixer. The secret is a pressurized chamber, into which the user adds a capsule of nitrogen dioxide or carbon dioxide. While it sounds complicated, it's fairly hands-off, which is also the case when employing the contraption for cold brew coffee purposes. The whipping siphon is the perfect environment to speed the concentrating process along, meaning you'll have a perfect cup of iced coffee in just around two hours. The only thing left to chance is if the weather will cooperate.

Click here for the full recipe.

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