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Nike Unleashes New Chicken and Waffles-Themed Sneaker

And it's making us hungry


Nike is stepping up its sneaker game — again — with a new shoe inspired by chicken and waffles. Sneaker News reports the new high top is part of the Nike SB Dunk High Collection, and is made from a tan, waffled canvas cloth base. The signature Nike swishes have little drips of syrup in them, and the insoles feature adorable illustrations of chicken and waffles. It's clearly a marketing win for the company and a merchandising win for fans of sporting shoes and the sweet and salty dish. Have we now reached chicken and waffles-inspired critical mass? Back in 2013 Lay's started testing chicken and waffles-flavored potato chips. If only Nike's shoes smelled of butter and maple syrup.

This isn't the first time the sportswear retailer took some inspiration from the kitchen. Last fall Nike unveiled a line of sneakers inspired by desserts. There was one colored to look like strawberry cheesecake, an iridescent purple high top meant to look like a macaron, and another that looked like the English dessert known as an Eton Mess.

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