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Alton Brown's Souped-Up Easy Bake Oven Can Be Seen From Outer Space

It gets up to 640 degrees

Alton Brown is a busy man: In between filming Cutthroat Kitchen, writing a cookbook, going out on tour, and not eating at Chick-fil-A, he somehow found the time to build a super-charged Easy Bake Oven. In this video for Popular Science, Brown explains how he traded GI Joes to acquire his very first Easy Bake oven in the 1960s, which produced treats that tasted "terrible."

These days Brown's got a little more know-how, and a lot more money — so he built a 54,000 watt oven of his own that gets up to 640 degrees. (Certainly not safe for five-year-olds, but a pretty cool way to make pizza on his last 'Edible Inevitable' tour.) This baby's so bright, Brown claims it can be seen from outer space; perhaps some friendly extraterrestrials will swoop down to sample his pizza. Seeing as how NASA doesn't seem too keen on taking AB to space, this might be the closest he gets.

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