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Man Flips Out, Crashes Car After Realizing Taco Bell Is Closed

Thankfully his injuries were minimal


Sometimes you just really need a damn Quesalupa: A Massachussetts man flew into a rage yesterday when his Taco Bell craving couldn't be satisfied.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, 33-year-old Derrick LaForest pulled up to a Taco Bell drive-thru in the town of Pittsfield around 1:30 Thursday morning only to find that the restaurant was closed. LaForest reportedly "laid on the horn for at least two minutes," at which point a worker came outside to explain that the restaurant was already closed.

According to witnesses, "LaForest then sped through the drive-thru lane and accelerated through the Taco Bell parking lot at high speeds," at which point he "struck a curb, lost control of the car, hit a second curb and smashed into a small structure which formerly housed a TD Bank ATM." Taco Bell employees then pulled LaForest's unconscious body from the car, which police say sustained "extensive" damage in the collision.

Thankfully for LaForest, the airbag in his car deployed and he only suffered a cut over his eye; despite telling police he had "no idea" how he wrecked his car, he was arrested on charges of vandalism and reckless driving and soon released on $500 bail.

And he's certainly not the first to fly into a rage at a fast food drive-thru: In January, Burger King customers who were upset at how long their food was taking to come out abandoned their car at the drive-thru window and rushed inside to assault an employee.