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Anthony Bourdain's Last Meal Would Be 23 Courses of Sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro

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Washed down with plenty of expensive sake

Anthony Bourdain/Facebook

Morbid though it may be, the question of the proverbial "last meal" is one everyone has pondered at one time or another. Most of us can't choose how we'll die, but if we could, we'd like to go out with a bang following a Champagne and foie gras bonanza or something equally excessive. For intrepid traveler Anthony Bourdain, the final meal of his dreams would be a sushi blowout at Tokyo's hallowed Sukiyabashi Jiro, he tells The Guardian.

The three Michelin-starred restaurant and its sushi master Jiro Ono were the subject of the acclaimed 2011 film Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and mere mortals will have a hell of a time getting a reservation there (President Obama seemingly had no trouble, however). Bourdain says he'd prefer to sit alone at the bar for "a 22- or 23-course omakase tasting menu," with which he'd pair "the most rare and expensive sakes." After that, the Parts Unknown host says he could die satisfied, confident that "no one on Earth had eaten better than [him]."

Bourdain's undying love for sushi has even inspired him to create a series of comic books about a violent sushi chef in a dystopian future Japan. And based on Bourdain's Instagram, it appears the constant jet-setter just wrapped up another trip to Japan: While he didn't post any photos of meals at Jiro this time around, he definitely snacked on some yakitori while sipping a cold beer:

Yeah, that's right : It's Suntory Time! #Shinjuku #yakitori #softbone

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And got in some R&R at a cool-looking spa:

#Arigato Plumbing Optimal #Kaga

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