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Watch This Printer Use Coffee to Create Works of Art

No word on whether looking at the art will make you feel more alert

Artists have been adopting coffee as a medium for some time now, but a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology has taken his own approach with a printer that uses the beverage. This video from Tech Insider shows how Ted Kinsman's creation takes low-res images and converts them into detailed beauties.

The printer can take images that are 80 by 100 pixels and blow them up to 24 by 32 inches. Perhaps the best detail: It takes only a half-cup of coffee for each image, so Kinsman isn't wasting his morning caffeine jolt. The professor says his printer can use other liquids such as ink or wine, but he prefers coffee because he "always had some leftover, and it usually gets people interested in the project." Kinsman says he wants to experiment printing with other foods in the future.

Watch the above video and learn how Kinsman's printer transforms a cup of joe into a dazzling portrait.

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